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Garbage Collection Services in Nairobi


We like cleanliness in our homes, estates, schools, workplaces, and social places. However, like many developing cities around the world, Nairobi has had a serious problem with garbage collection. Uncollected trash easily finds its way into uncovered manholes, leading to blockage of drainage channels. This situation usually gets worse when it rains, as floods wash the garbage around, sometimes into people's yards and verandahs. 

However, this needs not be the case with your home or estate, when you can rely on Flash Services to handle your domestic waste disposal services. 

We are the market leaders in private garbage collection services, with over 5 years of professional experience in the field. Unlike other companies who hire street boys to pick up litter from clients' homes, we employ high quality staff with high self-esteem, and who take pride in their job. This guarantees you professionalism, and good customer service.

We have invested in our fleet of garbage collection trucks, to ensure that we never miss any scheduled collection cycle. This is your guarantee of our long-term commitment to you. Our routine garbage collection services ensure complete peace of mind, knowing that germs and disease carrying organisms will not find their way from decomposing waste to your home.

Quality Affordable Services

What makes us exceptional, and the most preferred option for most individual clients and estates, is our affordability. While other service providers charge a fortune to get trash out of your home, we offer the best rates, usually depending on the requested number of collection cycles, and the number of clients in the neighbourhood.

Therefore, whatever your garbage collection needs, whether you are a single home, or an entire estate, we have got you covered. Talk to us today for the best rates in the city.

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