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Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi

It is said that cleanliness is second to godliness. In order to maintain clean, fresh smelling, airy and inspiring working environment that encourages your staffs to deliver more, you need Flash Cleaning Services. 

Flash services is the leading brand in Professional Office Cleaning in Nairobi. We are the experts in creating and maintaining highly productive office environments. From dusting the office walls, removing cobwebs, to professional wiping of computer monitors, work desks, and the floor, we offer the whole range of professional cleaning services that your organization needs in order to shine - literally speaking.

The Team

Each of our office cleaning staffs is professionally trained to handle the job. We train our people on appropriate types detergents and cleaning agents as well as the right quantities to use for different surfaces and appliances. This guards against wastage, and ensures value for money in your purchases. 

Our staffs are also well trained in teamwork, and customer service, which ensures synergies in their execution of duties, and good relations with your staffs, even as your staffs and our teams go about their separate duties.

Above all, we make our staffs understand the relationship between their role as cleaners, and your corporate objectives, brand positioning, customer relations, and profitability. This means that our cleaners come ready to integrate seamlessly with your operation. They become part of your organization work culture, with perfect understanding of what the services that we provide impact your bottom-line.

So, are you looking for a professional office cleaning team that will feel as a natural part of your team? Then contact us today for the best solution.

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