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Pest Control Services are designed to cater for a variety of pests such as cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, rodents, among others for residential and commercial structures. To protect your home or company from these pests, it is important that the premises be cleaned several times a year.

Do you always dread the moment a client walks into your office, or a friend visits your home, fearing that an unsightly rat, mouse, or other rodents may crawl into sight from the woods? If Murphy’s Law is anything to go by, then know that whatever could happen will eventually happen, sometimes with embarrassing consequences. However, you deserve the best living and working environment, perfectly clean and without the fear of disease spreading pests and rodents. Flash Services, is your most preferred partner in achieving and maintaining this.

Our team of pest control and fumigation experts has over 7 years of professional experience. Over this time, we have trained them sufficiently on insect and animal species and behavioral patterns. This makes us the most resourceful company in the control and prevention of infestations, including bats, birds, rodents, reptiles, chameleons, and the whole range of insects and pests commonly found in Kenya.

It is important to ensure that your premises is pest-free as your company deals directly with customers. Clients would avoid pest-infested areas, which may result in a drop in the company’s profitability.

What are some of the advantages of fumigation?

One of the best pest control services method is fumigation. Fumigation is a quick treatment that can eliminate your pest problem in as little as one day. Pests are not tolerated in sensitive environments or commercial establishments.

To get rid of all types of pests regardless of their stage in development, fumigation is always the best option.

Fumigation has the potential to penetrate even the most difficult-to-reach places where pests can be hiding. Even if the room is crammed , it pervades it. 

When done by a qualified professional, fumigation is a fantastic pest control solution that is both effective and successful. This is a great solution for pest-infested homes and businesses.

Why Choose Flash Services as your Pest Control Service Provider.

We are environmentally conscious in all our operations. We only use pest control and prevention products licensed by the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), and ensure minimal periods of exposure required to achieve the recommended results. 

In Nairobi, Kenya, Flash Services is a licensed pest control services company. Our treatments and products are pest-specific, so you can rest easy. That is to say, they would not affect humans or animals. Furthermore, you can rely on our trained and qualified staff to provide the highest level of service, regardless of the type of infestation.

For more information on professional pest control services in Nairobi, please contact us for the most effective and pocket-friendly solution.


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