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sanitary bins disposal services

We offer sanitary bins disposal services, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Flash Services is the industry leading supplier of sanitary waste collection services and sanitary bins disposal services across Nairobi, Kenya.

The Sanitary Waste Disposal Regulations recommends that businesses provide all female toilets with a suitable method for disposing sanitary waste. Additionally, it stipulates that no sanitary waste is to be flushed away as it can damage sewers and drains. Therefore, a certified waste contractor must collect and dispose of this waste.

Our sanitary bins disposal services complies with all legislations by dealing with this waste in a safe and hygienic manner, ensuring that your company does not violate these regulations. Documentation of waste transfer serves as proof of compliance, meaning that installing our sanitary bin units will completely fix this delicate subject for you.

For your company, we provide a clean, compliant, and hassle-free sanitary bins disposal services, ensuring that your duty of care and legal obligations are fulfilled.

Depending on your site layout we can professionally sanitize your bins on or off site. Meaning you can feel safe in the knowledge, all waste and the units are treated in the correct way.

Flash Services, offers a high-quality range of feminine hygiene bins and sanitary products with unbeatable prices. Our fully trained hygiene technicians will discreetly remove your waste and keep your unit looking fresh, clean and sanitized, whilst making sure the whole process runs smoothly.

After all, it’s the little things that count! To help you make the right decision why not talk to us first before you make a commitment, it could save you time and cost. We can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right services for your organization to ensure you have suitable sanitary provision in your washrooms.

Why Flash Services is the Leading Provider for Sanitary Bins Disposal Services.

Waste management that works

Our sanitary bins are pedal-operated and adaptable to all cubicle sizes, making them a safe and hygienic solution.

Tailored schedules

We will handle your sanitary bin collections so that your employees and guests aren’t inconvenienced. Flash Services operates sanitary bins in institutions, Commercial Premises, Restaurants, Churches, so we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Low maintenance

Our sanitary disposal bins will be delivered and replaced by our qualified staff, and you will be notified when they are complete.


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